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Rates and subscriptions

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Image of the Multi Card campaign with a bus shelter in the background

Discover the advantages of this non-personal contactless, rechargeable and multi-person card.

Urban bus in El Escorial

Find all the information about the public transport system in your municipality.

Detail image of a schematic plan of the network of Metro, Light Rail and Neighborhoods of the Community of Madrid

There are 8 tariff zones, 6 of them for the Community of Madrid and 2 for Castilla-La Mancha. ...

Light meter

Designed for you: comfortable, accessible, safe and environmentally-friendly.

Ticket cancellation machines in the Renfe/Metro lobby

Check the information on the current rates for the different modes of transport.

Ticket vending machines in the Moncloa interchange

There is a wide variety of transport tickets that can be adapted to your needs.

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Users of the 30-day Youth Pass can enjoy their rate from the age of 7 to the date they turn 26. ...

Talk to Metro

For Metro de Madrid it is important to listen to you and know what you need. From the Interactive Customer Service Center (CIAC) we can offer you all the information about the Metro service and ...