New lobby of the Embajadores station

Comprehensive renovation of Line 3

Here you will find information, graphic documentation, photographs, etc. of this work.

Completion of renovation works: September 30, 2006

This intervention was the first of its kind in the world and involved a complete transformation of the existing line, which affected not only its morphology and electromechanical systems but also its management system. All this was done by suspending the service only during the summer months for 3 consecutive years.

Sol station specific procedure

This procedure has been used only at the Sol station. It comprises the following phases:

  • Execution of micropiles
  • Phased execution of the roof slab
  • Phased excavation of the cover slab
  • Execution of "teeth" and placement of hydraulic jacks
  • Hall slab execution
  • Construction of gables
  • Partial tunnel demolition
  • Micropile cutting
  • Removal of hydraulic jacks
  • Execution of counter vault and total demolition of the tunnel and finishes.