Workers working at the Joaquín Vilumbrales station

Madrid Metro Line 10

Here you will find information on the actions carried out by the Community of Madrid since its creation on this Line.

On February 6, 1961, the underground between Plaza de España and Carabanchel was put into service, with a length of 9,1 km, of which more than half corresponded to open air. The Lago, Batán and Empalme stations are located on the surface, as well as the Aluche station, with an elevated construction on Avda. de los Poblados. The rest are underground, highlighting the Plaza de España with such a depth that it is necessary to access the platform level by means of two elevators with a capacity of 2.000 people/hour and direction. The first escalators were installed, with a drop of 21,5 meters, being the longest flight of stairs in Europe at that time.

The Suburban Railway increased its route with the commissioning on December 18, 1981 of the Plaza de España-Alonso Martínez section, allowing the connection of this line with the 1 in Tribunal and with the 4 and 5 in Alonso Martínez.

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