fee payment app

Fee Payment App

New mobile application for the payment of fees, public prices and other income

With this application we want to make it more accessible for you to pay taxes, public prices and other income from the Community of Madrid (models 030, 031 and 039).

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If a problem arises when downloading the application, you can contact the telephone service by calling 012.

Payment can only be made by card, which must have the option of Secure Electronic Commerce.

Two ways of searching for rates have been established:

  • A nominative search.
  • A search through a QR code that will link directly to the rate to be paid.

Once the rate has been captured, you can add it to your favorites.

You must fill in the personal details of the beneficiary and the fee payer. Also it will be necesario to facilitate telephone and electronic circuit.

Once the payment has been made, the system will download the receipt to your device and send a copy to the email address provided.

Once the proof of payment has been obtained, the procedure to be followed will be that established by the management center that manages the fee.


Here you can see a demo video