• Cover of Instruction of disciplinary files: guidelines and jurisprudence, The
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    Instruction of disciplinary files: guidelines and jurisprudence, The
    Collection: Education
    Ministry of Education, Science and Universities - Vice Ministry Org. Ed. - SDG of Educational Inspection
    Online publication · PDF ·
    Madrid, 2023 · ISBN/ISSN: 978-84-451-4089-5, 978-84-451-4090-1, 978-84-451-4090-1
    Institutional Distribution

    Digital edition, in PDF format. The investigation of disciplinary proceedings against workers in public educational centers in the Community of Madrid is a task that is usually entrusted to education inspectors.

    Since the 2020-2021 academic year, the General Subdirectorate of Educational Inspection coordinates a team of inspectors in charge of investigating these files. The experience acquired throughout these courses makes it advisable to prepare and publish a book that includes the guidelines, forms, schedules, legislation and jurisprudence that are considered essential and very useful in the instruction of these files.

    The book will become an essential guide for education inspectors and for any official who is assigned the task of investigating a disciplinary file.