The Community of Madrid guarantees the transport of Primary and Secondary students who participate in scheduled sports activities of Madrid

The Governing Council of the Community of Madrid has authorized this week the contract for the transport service of students who participate in the programs Institutes for the promotion of physical activity and sport, Madrid Sports Community and Activate your capacity. The investment of the regional Executive amounts to 765.229,52 euros for the period between 2024 and 2026. We promote a new edition of the program of Institutes that Promote Physical Activity and Sports
02 September 2023

The planned routes, a maximum of 1.320, will be carried out taking into account the activities and the testing schedule, and it is estimated that around 66.000 young people will benefit from this initiative of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports to guarantee access for students to the different venues on time and form.

The program Institutes promoting physical activity and sports contributes to its practice among Secondary Education students on a regular and continuous basis as a healthy lifestyle habit. The sports federations of the region impart the activities in different schools of the region.

For its part, Madrid Sports Community encourages the practice of those disciplines that have less implementation in the school environment, both among students of Primary and Secondary Education. AND Activity your Ability It is aimed at disseminating and promoting physical activity among schoolchildren who have some type of disability, whether physical, mental or sensory, in their respective educational centers.