The Community of Madrid celebrates the 50th anniversary of the La Chimenea experimental farm with its projects to improve agricultural and livestock production of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has celebrated today the 50th anniversary of the La Chimenea experimental farm, located in Aranjuez, which during this time has developed research projects and improvement of agricultural and livestock production in the region. This center belongs to the Madrid Institute for Rural, Agrarian and Food Research and Development (IMIDRA). The visit to the experimental farm
15 2023 June

On the occasion of this event, the manager of IMIDRA, Sergio López, and the general director of Agriculture and Food, Ángel de Oteo, have attended the commemorative events, which have included the promotion day Lamb 100 by 100 Madrid. In it, the work of this organization in the production and selection of two native breeds in danger of extinction was remembered: the Rubia de El Molar sheep and the Negra Colmenareña sheep. Its main food product is a suckling lamb slaughtered between 25 and 40 days, with a live weight of between 9 and 12 kilos, after rearing in natural lactation. The meat is of high quality, juicy and low in fat.

These breeds represent a sustainable extensive model for the conservation of agricultural systems thanks to their contribution of organic matter to soils, which maintain their fertility and act on plant biomass as carbon sinks. In addition, they help maintain vegetation, assist in the dissemination of seeds, and prevent fires by reducing the fuel load on the understory and controlling scrub.

IMIDRA also has a Sheep Breeding and Selection Center, with 300 sheep. Twenty-two Negra Colmenareña farms participate in this breeding program, with a total of 22 specimens, and 6.215 of Rubia de El Molar or Churra, with 11 breeding females and 1.792 male specimens. Many of its owners have attended the event in Aranjuez, together with representatives of livestock associations, cooperatives and the agri-food industry.

255 hectares for livestock research 

La Chimenea has 255 hectares dedicated exclusively to livestock research, divided into sheep, cattle and pigs. In them, the testing of male breeders of pure breeds of meat aptitude is carried out, the delivery of breeders to farmers or the production of miniature pigs for the maintenance of three pure genetic lines.

Another space on the farm is dedicated to agricultural innovation projects, with an Olive Growing Center and several test plots where the evaluation of new varieties of extensive crops is carried out; the application of different irrigation systems is studied; the planting of cereals and legumes, and other projects to control water erosion, nitrogen or waste management.