The Community of Madrid calls for school canteen grants that will benefit more than 86.000 families in the 2023/24 academic year of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has called for school canteen aid for the next academic year 2023/24 with a budget that increases by more than 9 million euros to reach a total of 39,2 million and benefit more than 86.000 families in the region. a school canteen
07 2023 June

As a novelty, the system of reduced prices and exemptions is replaced by one of direct award scholarships, so that those interested must request them from tomorrow until June 28 through the institutional portal, in official records or in schools. The call is published today in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid and will mean that the beneficiaries pay for the school canteen the same prices in force for 7 years.

The requirements established to obtain them are the same as they were up to now: students in Early Childhood, Primary, and Compulsory Secondary Education enrolled in publicly funded centers whose family is in one of the socioeconomic circumstances listed in the regulations, as well as the schooled by trade in centers supported with public funds that make use of the school transport service.

Same dining room prices for 7 years 

In this way, beneficiaries of the Minimum Insertion Income (RMI), of the Minimum Vital Income (Minimum Vital Income) with per capita income of less than 3.000 euros or due to termination of the minimum insertion income will receive 800 euros per course, with which who will continue to pay 1 euro a day for the dining room.

IMVs that have a per capita income of up to 4.260 euros, victims of gender violence and terrorism, those who are in foster care or have members belonging to the State Security Forces and Bodies, destined for the Community of Madrid will receive 445 euros per course, so they will continue to pay 3 euros a day for the service.

Finally, those with a member of the family unit beneficiary of international protection in any of its modalities or temporary due to the conflict in Ukraine will obtain the total price of the dining room; those who are in residential foster care; those enrolled under agreements signed with the competent ministries in matters of childhood and adolescence, with the competent ministry in matters of penitentiary institutions and in matters of gender violence.

This initiative aims to guarantee the principle of equality in the exercise of the right to education for students who are in unfavorable situations, ensuring that these situations are not a barrier to accessing school services such as the canteen.