The Community begins in Humanes de Madrid the asphalt operation of 39 streets of the municipality with an investment of 1,4 million euros of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has started the asphalt operation of 39 streets of the town in Humanes de Madrid, to improve road traffic and road safety for residents. This work is being carried out under the Regional Investment Program (PIR) 2022/26 with a budget of 1,4 million euros. Carlos Izquierdo talks with a worker at Humanes de Madrid
April 01

The Minister of Local Administration and Digitization, Carlos Izquierdo, has learned today about the renovation works of 74.000 square meters that are being undertaken in this area of ​​the town center and the Barrio de la Estación. Specifically, it involves asphalting, painting and paving of sidewalks that are in poor condition. In addition, architectural barriers will be removed on 20 routes to facilitate the transit of people with reduced mobility.

“The maintenance of the streets and squares of a municipality is an asset for the well-being of its 20.000 residents. The regional government has increased the PIR budget in Humanes by 4%, reaching 3,7 million euros, to carry out new projects like this, which will also be joined soon by the remodeling of the swimming pool in this important town in the south”, said Izquierdo.

The counselor recalled that "in the 23 municipalities that make up the southern part of the region, the PIR 2022/2026 represents an unprecedented investment, reaching an amount of more than 145,5 million euros, which will have an impact on improving the quality of life of a potential population of 1,4 million inhabitants”.

Currently, the Directorate General for Investment and Local Development has registered almost 300 actions for an amount of 148 million euros. Of these, 91 will be allocated to infrastructure, which will have an impact on the improvement and urbanization of public roads.