Course (online) in employment orientation and training of athletes

Job orientation course


  • Acquire the necessary training to guide High Level Athletes (DAN), High Performance Athletes (DAR) and professional athletes who have dedicated their lives to sport.
  • Manage job offers aimed at athletes from employment offices.
  • Know all the specific training and employment resources for athletes to achieve their employment in the labor market, as well as the regulatory context.
  • Know the situation of athletes when they face their retirement.
  • Specific professional and training guidance for athletes with disabilities. Classification of sports and athletes with disabilities.

MODULE 1. Regulations associated with high level and high performance athletes. 5 hours.

  • Course presentation.
  • Royal Decree 971/2007, of July 13, on high-level and high-performance athletes.
  • New sports law 30/2022.
  • Special social security regime for athletes.
  • Special tax measures for athletes.

Teacher: Ignacio Muñoz-Delgado Carranza: Law graduate with more than 15 years of professional experience as a lawyer. He is currently part of the team of lawyers of the firm GNGH ABOGADOS SLP Former roller hockey player, coach of lower categories and was part of the Club Patín Alcobendas Technical Staff in the first division and in the honor division.

MODULE 2. The withdrawal of the professional athlete. 5 hours.

  • Procedures for accreditation of professional skills through experience in professions in the sports field.
  • Accompaniment and withdrawal from high competition. The day after.
  • Transition from the world of sport to the world of work.
  • Job guidance and online intermediation. Examples.

Teacher: Alfonso Merello Terry. Sociology graduate. High-level sportsman in Sailing. Guidance and job mediator with high-level sportsmen in the Higher Sports Council for six years. World cruiser champion in 2005. World runner-up in Maxis in 2006. Runner-up in Spain 2004. Two-time winner of the Copa del Rey de vela. Champion of the Vuelta a España Regatta. Winner of the Prince of Asturias regatta. Currently Employment and Intermediation Technician in the Diputación de Sevilla.

MODULE 3. The profile of the DAN and DAR athlete. 5 hours.

  • So now what?
  • Prevention from grassroots sport. Taking care of the future of athletes (Examples of good practices for lower categories).
  • The profile of the high level and high performance athlete. Candidates with an international experience.

Coordinator-teacher: Miguel Ángel Martín. Sociology graduate. Former handball player in ASOBAL Honor Division. European Champion in Beach Handball Clubs 2004. Cervantes Sports Award for Best Sports Team, 2004. Counselor for high-level athletes at the Higher Sports Council 2009-2011. Director of Workshop Schools of the Army Geographic Center 2012-2015. Training and Employment Technician at Employment Offices in Alcalá de Henares, Arganda and Azca for 15 years. Responsible for the Training and Orientation Area of ​​the Iplacea Handball Sports Club. Currently Senior Technician in the General Directorate of Research and Technological Innovation (Ministry of Education and Universities).

MODULE 4. Labor market, employment and training for athletes with disabilities. (5 hours).

  • Employment guidance for athletes with disabilities.
  • Classification of sports for people with disabilities.
  • Classification of athletes with disabilities.

Teacher: Clara Baquero Pecino. PhD in Psychology. International Wheelchair Basketball (BSR) referee since 2002 (10 European Championships, 3 World Championships, Beijing 2008 Pre-Olympic, Asian Championship in 2013, African Championship in 2020, …). Trainer in Sports Psychology for the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF), Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), Madrid Basketball Federation (FBM), Spanish and Madrid Federation for people with physical disabilities (FEDDF), (FMDDF) since 2008 Employment counselor, EURES Adviser and employment technician in the Community of Madrid and in the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha since 2004.

MODULE 5. Labor and training orientation of the DAN and DAR. 5 hours.

  • Job orientation to DAN and DAR.
  • Specific job placement itineraries for athletes.

Teacher: María Victoria Martín González. Degree in psychology. Coordinator of the Social and Labor Orientation Center of the Anti-Drug Agency for 4 years. Since 2004 she has worked as an Employment Technician in Employment Offices. In 2005 she participated in the implementation of the Labor Guidance project in the Network of employment offices of the Community of Madrid. He currently works in the General Sub-directorate for Labor Integration of the DG Public Employment Service since 2017.

MODULE 6. Labor Intermediation with high-level athletes. 10 hours.

  • Labor intermediation with high-level and high-performance athletes.
  • Prospecting job offers aimed at athletes.
  • Management of offers. Directed insertion and active proposals.
  • Companies that offer employment to high-level athletes.

Teacher: Ana Sánchez Ranera. Degree in Business Administration and Management. Diploma in Business Sciences. Employment and Local Development Agent from 2009 to 2015. Higher employment technician of the Community of Madrid from 2015-Present. Responsible for labor intermediation at the Alcalá de Henares Employment Office since 2015.

MODULE 7. Motivation and other values ​​of athletes associated with job search. 5 hours.

  • The motivation of the athlete and other Olympic values ​​of sport applied to the world of work.
  • Finding work also requires training and training. Resilience.
  • Planning and objectives: the key to success for athletes.

Teacher: Oscar Peñas García. Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports. Socio-labour counselor of the Higher Sports Council between 2009-2014. High Level Athlete in Judo. Athens 2004 Olympic Diploma with participation in the Sydney00 and Beijing08 Olympic Games. World Diploma in 1999, 2001 and 2005. European Champion 1999, bronze medals in 1998 and 2003. Currently Head of MEDIAPRO Projects.

MODULE 8 Transversal. Specific training and employment resources for athletes. 5 hours spread over the total duration of the course.

  • Specific training and employment resources for athletes in the Community of Madrid.
  • Improvement proposals. PODIUM route (Gold, silver and bronze sessions).
  • Closing of the Course and final work.

Coordinator-teacher: Miguel Ángel Martin.

course schedule

  • Course start and end dates: from May 29 to June 8 (Monday to Thursday).
  • The training will have a total duration of 45 hours (27 hours of live classes and 18 remotely asynchronously through homework, tutorials, papers and final evaluation test).
  • Online class schedule: from 16:00 a.m. to 19.30:XNUMX p.m.


  • LUNES 29

    • 1 MODULE Regulations (3h)
    • MODULE 8 F&E Resources (30')
  • Tuesday 30
    • 2 MODULE The withdrawal of the DAN (3h)
    • MODULE 8 F&E Resources (30')
    • MODULE 3 DAN-DAR Profile (3h)
    • MODULE 8 F&E Resources (30')
    • MODULE 5 Athletes with disabilities (3h)
    • MODULE 8 F&E Resources (30')
  • LUNES 5
    • 4 MODULE DAN-DAR orientation (3h)
    • MODULE 8 F&E Resources (30')
  • Tuesday 6
    • 6 MODULE Mediation 1st part (3h)
    • 6 MODULE Mediation 2nd part (3h)
    • MODULE 7 Olympic Values ​​(3h)
    • MODULE 8 F&E Resources (30')

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