Miradas FlamenKas 2022

De Friday, November 11, 2022 - 00:15 p.m. a Saturday, December 03, 2022 - 00:15 p.m.
Poster MiraDas FlamenKas 2022

Del 11 November to December 3




What a joy to receive a new edition of MiraDas FlamenKas from the voice of Juanito Valderrama!

A century watching its star grow and more in times of fleeting brightness in which everything expires “in thirty seconds”. 

Never has a diminutive propelled someone so great; nor was his acclaim as teacher of teachers so unanimous. From Perales to Serrat, passing through Enrique Morente to Mayte Martín, Pepe Habichuela, José Mercé or Diana Navarro… There are so many!

"Poetry made copla". This is how it is presented in an old playbill that can be seen in our exhibition! “Poetry of the people”, we add. Because from his throat verses reached the humblest corners of each neighborhood. Popular poetry was his fandangos and guajiras, his farrucas and cartageneras, each copla; that himno which was that of an entire country, the beauty behind a story titled the emigrant. Post-war radio expanded it like wildfire; and it exploded, inevitably. Until today, when Vallecas raises its precious world of vinyl, Cordovan hats, photos and documents that explain us, from their world, as a people. And they move us.

Under the brim of the hat will open this new edition of MiraDas FlamenKas; an exciting journey through the life and work of the genius, which his son, Juan Valderrama, has decided to replace to complete an exciting tribute to the father figure.

This "river of poetry" will find tributaries, for all tastes and ages, on seven more dates: from the sitar of another living myth of the genre such as Gualberto García to the charisma of Fraskito reinterpreting, through styles, great hits of the eighties.

Jerez will make its way, on the piano, with that Gypsy Queen that takes your breath away. And another exceptional pianist, Andrés Barrios, this time from Utrera, to explain to us that Meraki It's a Greek word, but we understand it, because it means "to do something with love and pleasure"!

That's also what two bailaores like Paula Comitre and Julio Ruiz do. From Seville. and Almeria. Fascinating proposals that dream of being and transcending in Vallecas! Or delight in the pure avant-garde, from Barcelona, ​​with Salazar, where passion rhymes well with electronics.

Because there was a Madrid that came from everywhere. A Madrid of emigrants. Of blinding light and geraniums, unpaved streets, dairies, coal sales and even orchards. A Madrid of children running, playing taba or on bicycles, in which Juanito Valderrama's copla and flamenco were always playing in the background.

Towards him we turn our eyes so as not to forget where we come from and where the love of what we do can take us.

We listen to its thousand echoes in songs and dances that are and will be eternal

                                                                                                                               Dove Councilor
Artistic director MiraDas FlamenKas

Place of celebration

Pilar Miró Cultural Center
Pl. Antonio Maria Segovia, 6, 28031 Madrid, Spain
How to get there:

Metro Line 1, Villa de Vallecas

bus 58

Commuter train lines C2, C7 and C8, Vallecas and Santa Eugenia stations