IMIDRA research projects on dairy products

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 from 12:00 p.m. to 14:30 p.m.
A transparent bottle with milk on the left and a bowl with cottage cheese

Results presentation day

Within the program for the presentation and dissemination of IMIDRA's research on different agri-food products, the results of the research projects on dairy products developed by IMIDRA will be shown at this conference.

Over the last four years, the Madrid Institute for Agricultural and Food Rural Research and Development (IMIDRA) has developed various research projects focused on dairy products, in order to take advantage of both the by-products of this sector, as well as other the agri-food industry that can serve as a source for the production of functional dairy products.

During the conference, reference will also be made to the microbiological analysis of dairy products and sensory analysis.




  • Researchers.
  • Dairy producers and industries.
  • consumer associations.
  • Any other person interested in or related to the agri-food sector.



12:00 pm - The IMIDRA Dairy Products group: From the field to the consumer and beyond. (Dr. Eugenio José Miguel Casado).

12:25 pm - Microbiological analysis of dairy products. The microbiota: friend or enemy of the product? (Dr. Marina Calles Enriquez).

12:45 pm - Use of by-products from the agri-food industry as a source of ingredients for functional dairy products. (Dr. Teresa Herrera Rodríguez).

13:05 pm - Use of by-products from the dairy sector: Cheese whey as a source of protein for the development of functional dairy products. (Dr. María Eugenia Vargas Kostiuk).

13:25 p.m. - Sensory analysis of dairy products. Trained judges and consumers. (Dr. Maite Iriondo de-Hond and Dr. Eugenio José Miguel Casado).

13:45 pm - Round table with questions from the public and the press.

14:30 p.m. - Showcooking and tasting of products made by the research team.


May 21th 2019

Place of celebration

Center for Gastronomic Innovation of the Community of Madrid, CIGCM.
Calle Marques de Zurgena, 4, 28001 Madrid, Spain

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May 14th 2019 a May 20th 2019

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