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Free prior appointment Civil Registry Móstoles

Request your appointment here. We remind you that the appointment service is free.

Inform yourself in the following text before requesting your appointment

Please, before filling in the details of the appointment, please inform yourself of the procedure you wish to carry out at the Civil Registry, by calling the citizen information telephone number 012 or through the information contained on this web page in the Civil Registry section. .


► The person in whose name the appointment is recorded must be the same person who attends the day of the appointment and who is going to carry out the procedure. If this is not the case, the appointment will not be attended. A file will be opened for each person, so an appointment will be requested for each file.

► Only people registered in the municipality of the Civil Registry for which they request an appointment may request an appointment. Otherwise, the appointment will not be attended.



 If the procedure to be carried out is for a less:

  • Fill in the fields with the name of the minor.
  • Mark the box "Minor" and fill in the details of both of them parents even in the case of divorced or separated marriages. Fill in data of a parent in the case of single-parent families.
  • The minor will only appear if he is between 14 and 18 years old. On the day of the appointment, he must be accompanied, compulsorily, by both parents, or by one of them with notarial authorization from the other, even in divorced or separated marriages. He will be accompanied by a parent in the case of single-parent families.



On the day of the appointment you must be accompanied by 1 Witness with your identification document (DNI, PASSPORT OR NIE) in force. Original and photocopy.


ATTENTION: Only in the Nationality FileAppointments will be given for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 13:30 p.m. and with a fortnightly frequency. If there are no available appointments, please try again at 00:00.


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