The Community of Madrid approves the purchase of 80 Metro trains to modernize its fleet and offer a better public transport service of Madrid

The Community of Madrid will buy 80 new trains to modernize the Metro fleet and increase the quality of service to users of this public transport. The Governing Council has approved in its meeting today to increase the debt of the public company up to 1.378 million euros to carry out this acquisition in the Madrid suburban, whose tender will be 1.094 million, and to improve the railway network and material mobile. Madrid metro
27 September 2023

The planned expansions on Metro lines 3, 5 and 11, the construction of a new route in Madrid Nuevo Norte and the need to renew the rolling stock justify the purchase of 40 narrow gauge units - which will circulate on line 1 -, and another 40 wide that will serve passengers on lines 6, 8 and 11. These 80 trains will consist of six cars with communication corridors between them, of which four will be engines and the other two will be trailers with a driving cabin in each end.

The new convoys will also make it possible to achieve greater energy efficiency and achieve greater public transport capacity. On the other hand, this modernization will contribute to increasing the quality of the service that citizens receive, since the new rolling stock units offer superior performance to many of those currently in circulation.

This long-term debt by the company has received a favorable report from the General Directorate of Financial Policy and Treasury of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment and the Budget and Finance Commission of the Madrid Assembly.