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Economic impact of Advertising Cinema in the Community of Madrid

Presentation of the study carried out

On Thursday, February 4, the study on the economic impact of advertising production in the Community of Madrid was presented at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid. The Community of Madrid has presented a study carried out in collaboration with the Association of Advertising Film Producers (APCP) and which recognizes Madrid as the region that receives the highest number of advertising shoots in all of Spain, 43% of them. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, given the concern about the situation of the audiovisual sector in general, and of advertising films in particular, has promoted the realization of this market study, which analyzes the current state of this type of productions.

The objective of this report is to know the economic impact of advertising cinema in the region, in terms of investment and number of contracts and expenses derived from productions, based on four indicators: the volume and destination of the billing, the economic activity generated and the volume of hiring of personnel. It also analyzes the impact of the crisis derived from COVID-19 in this industry during 2020.


A study that was presented today at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the presence of Deputy Minister Daniel Martínez, which details the economic and social impact that this activity has on the region: about 144 million euros (data from 2019) , which represents 37% of the turnover of national advertising film production companies. An economic impact that mainly translates into rental of materials, post-production, construction of sets, hospitality and accommodation and a wide range of services.


In addition, and in the economic sphere, the investment that advertising cinema has left in the region represents just over 74 million euros, a figure that represents 51% of the total investment in Spain. Likewise, the Community is the region that receives the highest number of advertising shoots (43%), followed by Catalonia (38%) and the rest of Spain (19%).


In addition, almost half of the production companies participating in the study state that Madrid offers the same facilities for filming as other major European capitals. Some facilities that are channeled through Film Madrid, the Filming Office of the Community of Madrid in the case of requests for locations in the region.


All this despite the current context, in which the COVID-19 crisis has caused advertising shootings in the region to decrease, and production companies have experienced negative growth of more than 20%, both in turnover and in number. of completed projects.




The Community of Madrid has a long tradition as a set for filming, not only cinematographic (from classics such as 55 days in Beijing  o El bueno, el feo y el malo, even contemporary films like Law official and successful series like The paper house, 30 coinSW Riot gear) but also, advertising.


In 2002, Coca-Cola chose the municipality of Chinchón as the main location for its award-winning spot for the World Cup in Korea and Japan. More recently, advertisements as iconic as the Christmas Lottery 2019 were filmed in the towns of Torrejón de Ardoz and Fuenlabrada, while multinational companies such as Xiaomi have recently filmed in the Madrid palace of Santoña, or Seguros Caser in the municipality of El Escorial.


Likewise, the Sierra de Madrid is one of the recurring places chosen by automobile companies of the importance of Renault or Subaru to shoot their commercials.


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