Water installation

Control Bodies (OC), Inspection and Industrial Control Entities (EICI), Administration Collaborating Entities (ECA) and Intermediary Entities (EI)

Industrial Control Service


Collaborating Agents in Industrial Safety

These entities are enabled to verify compliance with mandatory provisions on industrial products and facilities, established by the regulations of industrial safety and mining

What is an intermediary entity (EI)

The intermediary entities carry out tasks for a better development of the application of the Decree 38/2002, of February 28, which regulates the regulatory control activities of industrial facilities in the Community of Madrid and the Order of February 17, 2009, of homogenization and simplification of the action procedure of the Industrial Inspection and Control Entities. They are basically in charge of certain administrative tasks prior to the processing of installation registration files by the EICI, via the computer tool available in each case.


These entities, which can only be business associations, public law corporations or other private non-profit entities, must be expressly authorized by the competent body for industry in the Community of Madrid to carry out this activity.

Low voltage electrical installations: exterior lighting

Low voltage electrical installations: tanning devices

electrical s installations of high tension

Vehicles and containers for the transport of perishable goods

Vehicles and containers intended for the transport of dangerous goods

Installations and apparatus for gaseous fuels

Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE)

Serious accidents

Indoor water supply facilities