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Territorial Registry of Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Registry is a mechanism for the protection and safeguarding of intellectual property rights, easily usable by third parties without the consent of its author or owner of the exploitation rights.

It operates in the field of evidence, granting greater legal certainty to the traffic of intellectual property rights. In it, the copyright can be registered on any original literary, artistic or scientific creation, expressed by any means or support; as well as other intellectual property rights protected by law.

  • We serve without an appointment from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 14 p.m.
    Payment must be made at the Registry or at a bank once the request has been made. It is not necessary to bring the completed and signed forms as long as all the authors and/or holders of the exploitation rights come to the office.
  • Now you can also submit online applications with Cl@ve or IDentifica
    To submit your request online, you can identify yourself with Cl@ve PIN, Cl@ve Permanente, IDentifica, Digital Certificate or DNIe.