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Applicable legislation

* Decree 244/2023, of October 4, of the Government Council, which establishes the organic structure of the Ministry of Housing, Transport and Infrastructure. (BOCM No. 237, of October 5)

* Decree 76/2023, of July 5, of the Governing Council, which establishes the basic organic structure of the Departments of the Community of Madrid (BOCM No. 159, from 6 for July)

* Decree 38/2023, of June 23, of the President of the Community of Madrid, which establishes the number and name of the Departments of the Community of Madrid (BOCM No. 150, of June 26)


1. It is the responsibility of the General Technical Secretariat, in general, to exercise
the functions referred to in article 46 of Law 1/1983, of December 13, and others
applicable regulations.
2. In particular, it has the following powers:
a) Legal and technical advice and assistance to the head of the department and his
management centers and the management of legislative, documentation and
Ministry publications.
b) The study, coordination and submission to the Governing Council or its Commissions
of the draft decrees and agreements, as well as the reports and other matters
that are going to be submitted to the consideration of said collegiate bodies.
c) The processing and reporting of all projects of regulatory provisions promoted
by the management centers of the ministry or by the organizations or entities
assigned to it, as well as the formulation of general provisions on
matters within its jurisdiction or those attributed to the department that are not within its jurisdiction
from another management center.
d) The analysis, in collaboration with the competent management centers, of the preliminary projects
of laws and draft regulatory provisions of the Government prepared
by other departments that affect the area of ​​​​competence of the department.
e) The processing of agreements, agreements, protocols or declarations of intent
subscribed within the scope of jurisdiction of counseling and management of their
deposit in the Registry of Agreements.
f) The preparation of proposals for resolution of administrative resources, requests
of ex officio review and claims filed against provisions and
acts of the counseling bodies, including liability claims
g) The preparation of orders for the execution of sentences, as well as the relationships
with the jurisdictional bodies.
h) The issuance of certifications of all acts of specific attribution of the owner
of the Ministry and the standardization and rationalization of procedures
and counseling work processes.
i) The processing of contracting files.
j) The administration, management and conservation of the assets and rights assigned to the
counseling, with the exception of special administrative properties. The formation,
updating and valuation of the ministry's movable property inventory.
The organization of the operation of archive, records and regime services
inside the counseling.
k) The management of the ministry's publications in official journals, as well as the
coordination and monitoring of advertising, promotion, dissemination and announcements
in other media, carried out by the different management units of the
counseling, as well as autonomous organizations, public companies and other entities
public bodies assigned to it, without prejudice to the powers attributed to it.
to the General Directorate of Media.
l) The preparation and processing of the preliminary draft budget of the department and its
monitoring once approved, the monitoring and control of subsidies, the
analysis and processing of budget modifications and coordination and
control of year-end operations.
m) The preparation of the annual account of the department, as well as the coordination of the
allegations to the draft audit of the General Account of the Community
ñ) The coordination, processing and control of fixed cash advances and payments to be justified,
as well as the processing of payments corresponding to the funds assigned to
the General Technical Secretariat.
n) The analysis, evaluation and processing of proposals for rationalization of the structure
organic and functional of the department, as well as the proposal for the preparation and modification of the list of jobs and the workforce
budget of the ministry.
o) Planning, control, management and resolution of matters related to the regime
of the personnel assigned to the department, without prejudice to the powers of the bodies
superiors in personnel matters.
p) The processing of projects and forced expropriation files, as well as the
carrying out the expropriation actions that are necessary in the area
of the powers of the department.
q) The coordination and promotion of the protection of personal data in all centers
directors of the department.
r) The functions attributed to the department in matters of transparency of the activity
public and ensure compliance with advertising obligations, in the terms
provided for in Law 19/2013, of December 9, on Transparency, Access
to Public Information and Good Government and in Law 10/2019, of April 10,
Transparency and Participation of the Community of Madrid, without prejudice to the
powers that correspond to the competent body in matters of transparency.
s) The coordination and promotion of the powers attributed to the Ministry in matters
of implementation of the Electronic Administration, the Electronic Archive
Unique and, in particular, the electronic document management policy of all
its management centers, as well as the coordination of Citizen Services
and the processing of files sent by the Office of the Ombudsman
People, all without prejudice to the powers that correspond to other bodies
in the aforementioned subjects.
t) The functions assigned to it as the Managing Body of the different units
that participate in the execution of actions financed by the Mechanism of
Recovery and Resilience (MRR), in the field of the Ministry.
u) Any other conferred by current legislation that may be necessary
for the exercise of the powers of the department and that are not attributed to
other management centers of the same.