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Applicable legislation

Decree 38/2023, of June 23, of the President of the Community of Madrid, which establishes the number and name of the Ministries of the Community of Madrid.(BOCM No. 150, of June 26)

Decree 76/2023, of July 5, of the Government Council, which establishes the basic organic structure of the Ministries of the Community of Madrid.(BOCM No. 159, of July 6)

Decree 230/2023, of September 6, of the Government Council, which establishes the organic structure of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment (BOCM No. 213, of September 7)


The powers referred to in article 46 of Law 1/1983, of December 13, and other applicable regulations and, in particular, the following correspond to the Technical General Secretariat, in general:

a) Legal and technical advice to the head of the Ministry and to the different units of the same, as well as the coordination of the latter, without prejudice to the powers attributed to other bodies.

b) The study, coordination and elevation of matters that will be submitted to the Governing Council or its commissions.

c) The promotion, study and, where appropriate, preparation of draft general provisions, monitoring of their processing and the issuance of mandatory reports.

d) Analysis of bills and draft regulations prepared by other Ministries.

e) The report, processing, coordination and follow-up of the conventional activity in the area of ​​competence of the Ministry.

f) The processing of administrative appeals against provisions and acts of the Ministry's bodies and claims for patrimonial responsibility, when it does not correspond to other bodies of the Ministry, and relations with the jurisdictional bodies without prejudice to the competences attributed to others. organs.

g) The preparation of the proposal for the preliminary draft of the Ministry's budget, the monitoring and general organization of the budget execution process for both expenses and income.

h) The processing of contracting files.

i) Support in the processing, coordination, monitoring and control of the subsidy files granted by the Ministry, without prejudice to the powers attributed to other bodies.

j) The coordination of the activities that make up citizen care and the management of the suggestions and complaints system, without prejudice to the specialized records of other units and the functions that the general directorate responsible for care has attributed in this matter. to the citizen.

k) The organization and management of general services and the internal regime relating to the headquarters where units of the Ministry are located and the coordination and management of measures to prevent occupational risks in said headquarters, without prejudice to the powers attributed to other bodies. or units.

l) The organization of the central archive of the Ministry.

m) The exercise of functions regarding citizen participation, good governance, open data, transparency of public activity and monitoring of compliance with active advertising obligations within the Ministry, and coordination regarding the right of access to public information, electronic administration and web, also within the scope of the Ministry, in the terms provided for in Law 19/2013, of December 9, on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance, and in Law 10/2019, of April 10, on Transparency and Participation of the Community of Madrid, without prejudice to the functions attributed to the competent body in matters of transparency in this matter.

n) The coordination and prioritization of computer, voice and data needs of the Ministry and the relevant actions, without prejudice to the powers of the Agency for the Digital Administration of the Community of Madrid, as well as the dialogue with it.

ñ) The organization and management of publications and documentary collections.

o) The organization, control, management and resolution, including budget management, of matters related to the personnel regime assigned to the Ministry, without prejudice to the powers attributed to other bodies.

p) The analysis, assessment and processing of proposals for the rationalization of the organic and functional structure of the Ministry, as well as the preparation of proposals for a list of jobs and budgetary staff and their modifications.

q) The coordination and promotion of the protection of personal data in the management centers and in the institutional administration attached to the Ministry.

r) The exercise of the functions of the protectorate of foundations whose purposes are related to the powers of the Ministry.

s) The instruction of authorization files for the use of the name or any of the symbols of the Community of Madrid.

t) In relation to the execution of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, the development of the tasks that correspond to it as the managing body of the Ministry with respect to the subprojects corresponding to it and that will be specified in the signing of the accrediting management report of the status of each subproject regarding the fulfillment of milestones and objectives, as well as the accounting information on expenditure and the verification, verification and analysis of the identified risk files and, where appropriate, the proposal of specific measures.

u) As responsible for the processing of personal data, it is responsible for the management, coordination and direction of the data processing within the scope of its powers, as well as the determination of the purposes and the technical and organizational means that are necessary to guarantee compliance of current regulations on the protection of personal data.

v) Any other functions that are necessary for the exercise of the powers of the Ministry and are not attributed to other management centers of the same and the powers that are expressly delegated or attributed to it, as well as the functional responsibility of computer applications of a nature. horizontal of the Ministry that do not have a specific functional person assigned.