New World-XNUMXst Century Section

Colonia Jardín-Boadilla del Monte Light Rail

Here you will find information, graphic documentation, photographs, etc. of this work.

Commissioning: July 27, 2007

With this action and the one planned for Pozuelo de Alarcón, the commissioning of a new transport network begins, which will serve the sector delimited by the A-5 and A-6 motorways, which will decongest by facilitating the mobility of the population of the urban centers located in that area, which will connect with the existing Metro and Cercanías networks.


The project includes the following structures:

E-1 of 70,30 m executed by reinforced in-situ slab, it forms the exit deck of the Colonia Jardín station platform. It rests on the right bank on the existing screen that extends to pk 0,277,32 and on the left on a screen of new piles along its entire length. The roof has a span of 17,76 m wide, lightened and concreted with HA-30. It is formed in two sections similar in length for ease of construction.

E-2 118 m long, made up of spans of 31,50+27,50+27,50+31,50 spans respectively. The deck made up of 1,20 m deep box beams with a 30 cm thick slab forms an 8,65 m platform on which the slab track structure rests. The structure develops from pk 3,823,088 to 3,941,898.

E-3 It has consisted of the expansion of the already existing 5 m high by 3 wide reinforced concrete frame, which is extended by 20 m in length. It is located under stop 6 at pk 4,199,088.

E-4 es an underpass that saves access to NATO headquarters. The walls have been made with screens of piles with a diameter of 1000 and 850 mm and the slab area is supported by screens of piles with a diameter of 650 mm. Said slab is 70 cm deep in HA-30, 10,65 m wide and 107,30 m long.

E-5A y E-5B It has been carried out by means of pile screens or solid screens. In the middle is the 160 m tunnel. The width of the slab is variable according to the interior section, reaching 13,30 m at the tunnel nozzles. They start at pk 5,368,861 and end at 5,920,861.

E-6 It has a length of 321,315 m and has been made with screens of piles of different diameters, including 180 mm micropiles to prevent damage to adjoining buildings. The slab has been executed in sections of variable width and with HA-30.

E-7 built to save one of the roundabouts of the M-5O1 link to Boadilla del Monte at a different level and that gives access to the facilities of the BSCH Financial City, allowing the passage of road traffic over it. Its layout runs parallel to Avda. de Cantabria, adapting itself, once past said roundabout, to future urban development planned in sector 4.2 (Prado del Espino). It begins at pk 9,071,48 and ends at 9,471,48, its total length being 400 m, and it is executed with a screen of piles with diameters of 1,00, 0,85 and 0,65 m.

E-8. Overpass over the M-501 highway at pk 9,600. It consists of a mixed deck, made of steel and a reinforced concrete slab, with a total platform width of 8,65 m, and a variable depth between 2,05 and 2,80 m, in which the concrete slab is included. The total width of the deck is divided into a platform to accommodate a double slab track, 5,79 m wide, 0,93 m sidewalks and 1 m barriers. Longitudinally, the structural typology responds to a continuous beam with two spans, with spans of 45 and 60 m, which leads to a total length of the bridge of 105 m between abutment support axes.

E-9 I pass over the La Vega stream around kp 10,340. To save it, a single-span overpass with a span of 34 m has been designed, made up of a concrete single-box beam with a depth of 1,80 m and an upper deck. Both abutments are deeply cemented.

E-10 I pass over the M-50, which fits between two other existing ones built for road traffic. The lights of the spans repeat the sequence of the current ones, so that we have four central spans of 24 m and the two ends of 17. The beams are concrete single-boxes with a depth of 1,2 m and an upper deck. The foundation is superficial in the piers, except for No. 1, on the other hand, in which the foundation is deep in the abutments, as was the case with the structures that are built.

E-11 built to cross a roundabout at a different level planned by the Pozuelo de Alarcón Town Hall next to the Ciudad de la Imagen Industrial Park, allowing the passage of road traffic over it. Its layout, therefore, follows the guidelines set by the PGOU of said Town Hall. Its total length is 333 m, running with a screen of piles with diameters of 1, 0,85 and 0,65 separated by 1,20, 1,10 and 0,90 m, respectively, and a reinforced concrete slab on which there may be road traffic.

Technical data

Total length of the section 13,699 Km
Number of stations 13
exchangers 2
Concrete 98.881m3
Excavation 934.399m3
Maple 11.509.778 Kg
Screens 17.595m2
rail length 56.836m


* The total length of the line is 13.817,01 m, of which 117,08 correspond to the existing tunnel section at the start of the route at the Colonia Jardín station


Superstructure and finishes

The superstructure consists of HA-25 concrete slabs. The slab consists of 23 cm under the rail support and its surrounding elastomer. The width of the slab is 2,285 m for each track. In the lower part of the slab, an electro-welded mesh was arranged, with an arrangement of bars, 8 every 15 cm, intended to compensate for the traction in the local bending area under the rail.

In viaducts and aerial structures, this arrangement is modified, fixing the rail by means of a 20 mm thick resin-mortar under the rail directly to the deck of the structure, then placing the concrete slab until it is flush with the head of the rail, with a thickness 23cm end. .

The slabs are complemented laterally with the HM-25 of the multi-tubular communications and energy conduits, whose dimensions have been the minimum foreseen for these conduits plus the necessary filling to give regularity to the platform and its finishing layer.

The cant will be established by means of the concrete slabs, carrying out the corresponding filling under the rails suitably positioned and suspended from the CDM assembly frame.

The rails are Ri60N type grooved, wrapped in CDM-49 elastomeric jackets (Prefarail «Classic» system). In areas with proximity to buildings between 10 and 20 m, the "Comfort" system is available, consisting of replacing the support base of the CDM-49 jacket with the CDM-AV-Strip piece, with better sound-absorbing properties.

In areas with less than 10m proximity to buildings, and in all underpasses, the support slab will be placed on a CDM-DFMA-L13-RR elastomeric blanket, thus constituting a floating slab with optimal sound-absorbing and vibration-damping properties. .

Finally, the finishing layer, 10 cm thick, has consisted of printed concrete, prefabricated paving stones, asphalt, according to the urban typology of the crossed areas.

Of the remaining, 16 are with a side platform and 1 with a central platform. The platforms are 45 m long. Stops 7 and 13 are planned in a second phase after the current one. Some characteristics of the stops are detailed below. 

  • Stop 2. Image City. Stop with side platforms on the surface. pk 0,930
  • Stop 3. José Isbert. Stop with side platforms on the surface. pk 1,510
  • Stop 4. City of Cinema. Stop with side platforms on the surface. pk 1,990
  • Stop 5. Garages. Stop with side platforms on the surface. Provides service to Light Rail depots
  • Stop 6 and 7. Retamares. Stop with side platforms on the surface. They service the existing barracks
  • Stop 8. Montepríncipe. Bus stop with semi-buried side platforms. Provides service to the San Pablo CEU University
  • Stop 9. Ventorro del Cano. Stop with side platforms on the surface. p.k. 6,450
  • Stops 10 and 11. Prado del Espino. kp 7,300 and kp 7,670
  • Stop 12. Cantabria. It provides service to the city of the Santander group. pk 8,820
  • Stop 13. kp 9,840
  • Stop 14. Boadilla Fair. Stop with side platforms on the surface. pk 10,660
  • Stop 15. Boadilla Center. pk 11,360
  • Stop 16. New World. Central platform stop pk 11,940
  • Stop 17. XXI century. Side platform stop. pk 12,550
  • Stop 18. Infante Don Luis. Central platform stop pk 13,000
  • Stop 19. Boadilla Gate. Exchanger. Parking.

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