L9 Gate of Arganda-Arganda del Rey

Madrid Metro Line 9

Here you will find information on the actions carried out by the Community of Madrid since its creation on this subject.

Four construction phases were carried out to reach the current layout of Line 9, which is more than 15 km long and has 18 stations. The first section, Sainz de Baranda-Pavones, entered into service on January 31, 1980 with a length of 3.540 m, 5 stations 115 meters long, 15 ventilation shafts and 52 escalators.

In the northern part of the city, the line called 9B was built in two stages: 3 km from Herrera Oria to Plaza de Castilla with 4 stations and the Plaza de Castilla-Avda. of America of 4,3 km in length and 6 stations that were inaugurated on June 4 and December 30, 1983, respectively.

Continuity in the layout was achieved with the inauguration on February 25, 1986 of the Avda. de América-Sainz de Baranda section with 3,2 km in length and 3 intermediate stations. There were 32 escalators and 2 moving walkways 200 m long at the Núñez de Balboa station to connect between lines 5 and 9.