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Madrid Metro Line 5

Here you will find information on the actions carried out by the Community of Madrid since its creation on this subject.

This line came into service in 1968, with an itinerary from Callao station, where it connects with line 3, to Puerta de Toledo and along General Ricardos street to the Carabanchel neighborhood. This route of almost 7 km in length had 11 stations, 3 of them (Callao, Latina and Pirámides) with escalators.

On March 2, 1970, the Callao-Ventas section was inaugurated with a length of 4,5 km and 6 intermediate stations. Both sections completed the development of the 1956 Plan. The operating system between Ventas and Ciudad Lineal, until then belonging to Line 2, was modified to form the unification of Line 5 Carabanchel-Ciudad Lineal with a route of 14 km, being the longest in the network at that time. In October 1976, when Renfe's FFCC Aluche-Móstoles was inaugurated, the Carabanchel-Aluche interstation until then integrated into line 10, was incorporated into line 5.