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Madrid Metro Line 4

Here you will find information on the actions carried out by the Community of Madrid since its creation on this Line.

In its beginnings, with a length of 3.371 m from Goya to Argüelles, it ran through the streets of Goya and Génova, crossing the roundabouts of Alonso Martínez and Bilbao and reaching its end on Calle Alberto Aguilera. It had a total of 8 stations and joined several lines along its route that already linked with all those existing at the time, in Bilbao with line 1, in Goya and San Bernardo with line 2 and in Argüelles with line 3.

The extension of this line was carried out on March 27, 1973 with the inauguration of the Diego de León-Alfonso XIII section, with 3 new stations that covered the population of the Prosperidad neighborhood. The extension of line 4 from Alfonso XIII to Esperanza (in principle only to Arturo Soria), was inaugurated on January 5, 1979 with a length of 2.221 meters and 3 new stations.