Coslada-San Fernando Interchange

Coslada-San Fernando interchange station

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Completion of works: summer 1991

The Coslada-San Fernando interchange station project is included in the Construction Program for new stations of the Community of Madrid.

The work is located in the municipality of Coslada, located in the eastern area of ​​the metropolitan periphery of Madrid, with a population of 74.000 inhabitants - at that time. It also serves the town of San Fernando de Henares, with 25.000 inhabitants.

The neighborhood of the station, in the municipality of Coslada, is suffocated by the successive extensions of the transport infrastructures that converge there in an unconnected way, which causes serious difficulties for its integration into the urban environment. Consequently, the creation of spaces that would allow a comfortable and pleasant exchange of the different modes of public transport, with 6.000 daily trips, and at the same time, would promote the urban development of the area, was urgently needed.

At the Coslada-San Fernando station, the eastern line of the suburban railway, several bus lines to San Fernando de Henares, Mejorada del Campo and other towns, as well as users accessing by private vehicle, converge.

The old station was a disjointed set of buildings from different periods and of low quality, which had suffered a progressive and profound deterioration, made more and more evident by the rapid growth in the use of the suburban railway and the future implantation of the third and fourth roads that will allow differentiation between suburban and long-distance traffic.

The proposed interchange project has a triple objective. On the one hand, it replaces the old railway station and adapts it to the needs of its current suburban use. In addition, a 247-space car park is being built for railway users, and its use is promoted. The relationship between urban and intercity buses, the train and the private vehicle is solved in the simplest and most direct way.

The building is a one-story glass volume, totally permeable to sight and with a scale that is very suitable for the traveller.

The works began in the fall of 1.989 and end in the summer of 91.

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