Planes at the 4 Terminal at Adolfo Suárez Airport Madrid-Barajas

Connected to the Airport

If you arrive in Madrid by air, you have an extensive public transport network to move around the region.

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport currently has four terminals. From any of them you can easily and quickly access any point in the Community of Madrid, using public transport.

The people of Madrid and all those travelers who visit the Community of Madrid benefit from being able to count on an airport that is considerably closer than that of other large European capitals, just 17 km away. This data takes on even greater relevance if we compare it to the 32 km from Heathrow airport, the 53 km from Charles de Gaulle, or the 23 km from Amsterdam with respect to its urban centers.

It is also important to note that the Community of Madrid also has the cheapest public transport from the airport to the main stations in the city, as well as the fastest transport compared to the main European capitals.

The airport also has a free bus service that connects the four terminals with each other. This service is marked as Bus Transit.

Lobby of the Airport Metro station T1-T2-T3
If your flight arrives at T1, T2 or T3

The terminals communicate with Madrid through Metro line 8, EMT urban bus lines and interurban lines. 

Airport Express Bus at Terminal 4
If your flight arrives at T4

Metro line 8, Renfe-Cercanías line C-1, EMT urban bus lines (including the Exprés Aeropuerto, running 24 hours) and interurban lines connect the terminal with different points in Madrid. 

There are other types of tickets and fares to get around Madrid by public transport. Find which one is the best for you: