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Organ and tissue donation and transplants

Transplantation is the replacement of a diseased organ or tissue with another that functions properly from a donor. In our country, the Community of Madrid is a leader in many aspects of transplantation, with some of the most outstanding centers and professionals in this activity.

Transplantation is a treatment that serves to improve the conditions and quality of life of certain patients and that for others constitutes the only hope of curing their disease.

Transplantation requires the compatibility of different biological parameters between donor and recipient. In addition to the surgical act of the transplant, transplant patients must undergo immunosuppressive treatment that stops rejection, which is the response of the immune system when it recognizes the organ as foreign. As a result of immunosuppressive drugs, transplant patients must follow proper hygiene, eating and lifestyle habits as well as follow the medical check-ups that are indicated.

Authorization of centers and activities

The Community of Madrid, through DECREE 22/2008, of April 3, of the Governing Council, which establishes the organic structure of the Ministry of Health, determined that the health authority rests with the General Directorate of Inspection and Ordination. Article 10 (Competences of the General Directorate of Inspection and Planning):

c) The accreditation and health evaluation of the centers and services that make up the health system of the Community of Madrid.
d) The granting of administrative authorization for the installation, operation, modification and closure of health and pharmaceutical centres, services and establishments, public and private, of any kind or nature, located in the Community of Madrid.
e) The maintenance, updating, organization and management of the records of health and pharmaceutical centres, services and establishments in the Community of Madrid.
f) The preparation, processing and resolution of procedures regarding the authorization of pharmacy offices and, in general, centers, services and establishments for the distribution and dispensing of medicines for human and veterinary use, as well as opticians and optician services. pharmacy offices and distribution, dispensing and sale of health products.


Therefore, it is up to that General Directorate to carry out as many legal procedures as are necessary for the renewal of activities, authorization of new transplant activities, closure of the same, changes of location. For more information, access here...>>

For consultation of centers authorized to carry out the activities of extraction and transplantation of tissues and organs, and tissue banks, access the Registry of Health Centers >>

The Regional Transplant Coordination Office offers its collaboration to all those centers and professionals who want advice on any legal matter related to transplantation, although we remind you that the official procedures must be carried out from the General Directorate of Planning and Inspection.

Public prices of fabrics in Banks of the Community of Madrid

By ORDER 727/2017, of August 7, of the Ministry of Health, by which public prices are set for the provision of services and activities of a health nature of the network of centers of the Community of Madrid, published in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid on August 21, 2017, the latest update of the public prices of health services in our Community was published. This text sets the rates for healthcare activities when they must be paid by the final recipient or by insurance companies, etc.

Within the broad list of services and activities contemplated, one of them, section “E 03.1.7. Services and products of the Tissue Banks”, covers the public prices applicable to tissues that from the Tissue Banks of the centers of the Public Health Network of the Community of Madrid are served to professionals and centers that must pay them.

Since 1995, when the first list was published, this update is the fourth to occur.

though through this link it is possible to have access to the entire Order, in the attached table the prices related to tissue transplantation are collected:



Services and products of the Tissue Banks



eye bank



Cornea (unit)




Scleral membrane (unit)




Bank of vascular segments and heart valves



Arterial/venous segment, bifurcated or not (unit), and heart valves (aortic, mitral, pulmonary)




leather bench



per cm2 of human skin from a cadaver, regardless of the conservation system




Amniotic membrane bank



per cm2 membrane patch prepared




Osteotendinous tissue bank



Large complete bones, or large fragments 2/3 of them (hemipelvis, femur, tibia, humerus and ulna), with or without articular ends, and large joints of the upper limb (whole elbow and radiocarpal joint) and lower (knee), complete extensor apparatus




Proximal/distal fragment (1/3) of large bones, (femur, tibia and humerus) iliac crest, fibula and entire radius




Diaphyseal fragment of tibia and femur




Femoral condyle, tibial plateau (1/2), iliac crest (1/2 or large fragments)




femoral head




Independent menisci (medial/external), Bone-Tendon-Bone (medial/lateral), anterior and posterior tibial tendon, Achilles tendon plus calcaneal bone, peroneal tendon, semitendinosus, medial rectus, other tendons




Acetabulum (includes pelvic rami), proximal interphalangeal joint (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th fingers), medial and lateral menisci




Fascia lata (1/2)




Fluffy (25 gram bag)




Spongy (10 gram bag), entire patella




0,5-2ml granular powder, 10cm3 of volume




bone cylinder




2-10mm chips, 15cm3 of volume