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Municipalities of the Community of Madrid

The Community of Madrid is made up of 179 municipalities whose basic information is made available below through a glossary that links to a separate space for each municipality and a dynamic report that contains their demographic data.

Glossary of municipalities

Geographic information of the Community of Madrid

You can access all the geographical information of the Community of Madrid through the IDEM Geoportal, where through his Catalog You will be able to consult thematic viewers, download cartography in shape format and consult metadata, access to WMS visualization services, etc.

Description of the administrative units that includes the municipal precincts and boundary lines: link

Demographic information of the municipalities of the Community of Madrid

Below, a dynamic report is provided to visualize the evolution of the population in the municipalities of the Community of Madrid, as well as population information by sex and age with the latest official data available.

Select a municipality from the filter that appears in the upper left or from the map by holding the cursor over the municipality about which you want to see the information and clicking afterwards. You can select several municipalities at the same time in the filter by holding down the "Ctlr" key. If you want to see the population of a specific year in the evolution graph, simply place the cursor over the desired year and the data will be displayed in a pop-up window.