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Rural environment

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Rights of users of the towing service. Claims and tips for hiring.

forest road

For the good health of our mountains, proper planning and management are necessary.

Mount of Public Utility No. 197. Los Almorchones. Navacerrada

Mounts are considered to be all terrain in which tree, shrub, scrub or herbaceous forest species grow, either spontaneously or from sowing or planting, that meet or may...

Pine trunks

Forest ecosystems contribute to improving the quality of life of citizens and we have an obligation to conserve them.

Pine processionary bags nature

The pine processionary is the most troublesome defoliating caterpillar in Mediterranean pine forests, since its stinging hairs can affect people and their pets.

Trellised vines El Encín

IMIDRA has in El Encín the second most important collection of vine varieties in Europe and third in the world by number of accessions.

Circles with photographs of cheeses and the coat of arms of the Community of Madrid on a black and red background

The Community of Madrid is a region rich in dairy products, including Madrilenian cow, sheep and goat cheeses.

group of hens

Information on the withdrawal of dead animals in livestock farms within the combined agricultural insurance system in the Community of Madrid