Cartography of cattle trails

Application for authorizations in cattle routes

Application for authorizations in cattle routes

Certain uses and occupations of cattle trails require authorization, for which a generic application form must be completed and submitted.

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This project is part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Kingdom of Spain, having been financed by the European Union, through the Next Generation EU funds.

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Consultation and advisory body that has the purpose of promoting the participation of organizations interested in defending the environment and people of recognized prestige, in the...

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Consult the regulations on the environment applicable in the Community of Madrid

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This collection "Discover your Cañadas" includes a series of publications on routes, the majority of which takes place through the cattle trails of the Community of Madrid. ...

Heading_Management and Uses

Learn about the permitted and prohibited uses in livestock trails and how this public domain is managed and regulated

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Cattle trails are ancient roads traditionally used for cattle transit, which constituted the fundamental infrastructure of Castilian transhumance in the Middle Ages.

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