Image of a forest

Forest health

The health of the forest masses is essential to preserve the environmental, recreational and economic values ​​of the mountains of Madrid.

We make available to the public technical information on the phytosanitary status of Madrid's forest masses and on the different actions and studies that the General Directorate of Biodiversity and Natural Resources of the Community of Madrid undertake in order to detect and, where appropriate, control those biotic agents (diseases and pests, such as the pine processionary) and abiotic agents (nutritional deficiencies, atmospheric pollutants, etc.) that may pose a significant risk to the adequate health status of our mountains. 

All focused on the active participation of citizens in monitoring the agents that can cause damage to our forests.

pine image

Distribution map of the plots of the SESMAF Coniferous Network

oak image

Distribution map of the plots of the Red SESMAF de Frondosas

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