Image of groups of people through a livestock track

Discover your Cañadas

“Discover your Cañadas”

This collection "Discover your Cañadas" includes a series of publications on routes whose route is made mostly by the cattle trails of the Community of Madrid.

Its objective is to provide the user with all possible information about the proposed routes: access, recommendations, fauna and flora and cultural values ​​of the area. In addition to publicizing different aspects of the physical, natural, social and historical environment of the cattle trails of the Community of Madrid.

The description of the routes is based on the following scheme:

  • cartographic sketch
    It allows to obtain a general idea of ​​the itinerary.
  • Technical sheet
    Define the length of the route and the probable time that each one will take in its various legs.
  • Route profile
    It offers an idea of ​​the unevenness of the route.
  • graphic documents
    Images of different points of the routes, fauna, flora and architectural elements.
  • thematic information
    It provides information on the history of the area, existing biological resources (flora and fauna), services, popular festivals and customs, as well as any other aspect of interest.