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Madrid advisory service for European programs (sMape)

The Ministry of the Presidency, Justice and Local Administration helps public administrations, non-profit organizations and foundations, and schools in the Community of Madrid to obtain European funding

The Directorate General for Cooperation with the State and the European Union offers a support service for the presentation of projects through informative sessions, support courses and help, both in the presentation and in the subsequent management of the projects.
The different public administrations of the region (ministry and their dependent bodies, Madrid public universities, hospitals and hospital entities coordinated by the Ministry of Health and integrated into the Madrid Health Service, the Federation of Municipalities of Madrid and the municipalities of the Community of Madrid) can request this service by contacting us at

Madrid associations and NGOs can contact us at

Madrid educational centers can do it in


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To encourage and encourage active participation in EU programs and initiatives, we have established four work blocks:

Celebration of days on the existence of European Programs and on the need for these financing instruments of community policies to be used and taken advantage of. These conferences (currently online) have a minimum duration of two hours, and they range from general information to more specialized information focused on the particular characteristics of each entity, as well as seminars that deal with some of the themes of the European Programs (Health, Digitization, Social Policies, Erasmus+, etc.).

You can consult our agenda the dates of its celebration.

If you are interested in receiving more informationIf you do not sign up for one of our conferences, you can contact us at (ministries and town halls) and (third sector entities.

Through online or face-to-face courseswhen the health situation allows it), with a duration of assistance -when it comes to general training courses on the presentation of projects- or assistance, aimed mainly at those entities that have obtained positive results in their projects and need training, in addition, on the management and justification of the same.

You can consult our agenda the dates of its celebration.

If you are interested in receiving more information or sign up for one of our courses, you can contact us at (ministries and town halls) and (third sector entities)


Through the financial in the preparation and presentation of projects We will try to give the greatest support to those public entities that have their own innovative idea whose purpose is not for profit and want, through collaboration with other community partners, to obtain financing from the European Union.

Thus, the employees of public administrations and Madrid city councils who need advisory about a proposal or members of non-profit entities or educational centers who want to resolve their doubts regarding the presentation of a proposal can contact us at (ministries and town halls) or in (third sector entities) and in (educational centers).

The projects of the European Direct Management Programs are usually carried out in consortium between several partners from different countries and this peculiarity causes difficulties to arise that go beyond the execution of the project itself, to which is added the obligation to present periodic monitoring reports to the European Commission.

Through sMape, public entities that present a project that is approved by the European Commission can request advisory in the management and justification activities by contacting us at Third sector entities can solve their doubts related to the management and justification in and the Madrid educational centers in