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European Direct Management Programs

La Comisión Europea financia tus proyectos. Los Programas Europeos de Gestión Directa de la Unión Europea cofinancian proyectos de investigación y desarrollo, salud, medio ambiente, educación, política social, etcétera

The essential common requirements for a project to be selected are:

  1. be innovative and provide the EU with new experiences that other agents not directly involved in the project can benefit from.
  2. In general, have three community partners, As minimum.
  3. Having an non-profit purpose: the activities will not have as objective the direct economic benefit of the partners.
  4. that the partners cofinance part of the project, since the European Union will only contribute part of the money necessary to carry out the project. For this, they will be able to seek financing in both the public and private sectors.

A multitude of different entities may submit projects: municipalities, regional administrations, companies, universities, NGOs, research centers, etc.