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Given the accumulated volume of requests for the issuance of birth certificates motivated by the strike of civil servants at the service of the Administration of Justice, and even though they are being dealt with as quickly as possible, sending them suffers a delay, for which reason we remember that, if you are the registered person or your legal representative and the date of birth registration is after the year 1950, you can use the certificate request service with electronic identification by means of a digital certificate or Cl @ ve that will allow you to download it automatically when you make the request.

To register in Cl @ ve  click here  https://clave.gob.es/clave_Home/clave.html

and then request it in this link   https://pasarela.clave.gob.es/Proxy2/ServiceProvider

Before requesting your appointment, we ask you to find out about the procedure you wish to carry out, by calling the citizen information telephone number 012 or through the information contained on this web page in the section on Civil Registry.

On the other hand, if you are going to request an appointment, check that you have the necessary documentation. Otherwise, the appointment will not be attended. You will need to request an appointment again.

Remember that the person whose name appears on the appointment must be the same person who comes on the day of the appointment to carry out the procedure; otherwise the appointment will not be attended.

The appointment will be valid for the services of:

  • Birth registration (newborns)
  • Faith of life and state
  • Preparation of nationality oaths
  • Start of civil marriage file

Request your appointment here

Regarding the nationality oath, they can only request an appointment:

  • Those who processed the nationality presenting the documentation in this Single Civil Registry of Madrid and
  • Those who processed the nationality electronically and are registered in Madrid-capital

Provisionally, you can request a prior appointment at the Nationality Oath at the following link: 

Access the previous appointment in Jura de Nacionality

Remember that the appointment time is indicative, since each person may require a different attention time.