Free Legal Assistance

Free Legal Assistance - Economic Simulator

With this simulator, you will be able, simply by answering a few questions (annual income, family circumstances...) to obtain the necessary information, in an indicative way, that allows you to know if your right is going to be recognized or if, on the contrary, it is going to be denied.

You meet the requirements to be entitled to Free Legal Assistance if you are in any of the following cases:


a) The judicial procedure for which you are requesting free justice is Gender Violence you being the victim.

(You must take into account that the benefit will be lost if the sentence is acquittal or final file in the criminal procedure and your income exceeds the limits established by law).


b) The legal procedure for which you are requesting legal aid is aimed at claiming compensation for an accident you have suffered, from which permanent aftermath that totally prevent him from carrying out professional tasks and requires help from other people to perform the most essential activities of daily living.


c) The judicial procedure for which he requests free justice derives from his condition as victim of terrorism o deals with human beings; or is it younger o person with intellectual disability, in this case, victim of abuse or maltreatment.


If you are not in any of the circumstances mentioned above, fill in the following information to make the simulation:

economic simulator