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Free Legal Assistance - Application Submission

Accessing here you will be able to know how and where to request free justice, the documentation you need to provide and it will allow you to download the application form.

Presentation of application for free legal aid

This form can be obtained on this page, in the organs of the Administration of Justice, In the Legal Guidance Services of the Bar Association and the Headquarters of the Free Legal Assistance Commission Community of Madrid.

application formd pdf


The form must be submitted completed in its entirety and signed by the petitioner.

Documentation accrediting the data collected therein will be attached to the application form and will allow find out If the applicant meets the requirements necessary to obtain the right.

 ► General documentation to present :

• Photocopy of DNI, Passport or Residence Card.
• Photocopy Family Book.
• Complete photocopy of the Personal Income Tax for the last financial year filed or certificate from the Tax Agency certifying that the tax return has not been filed.
• Property certificate issued by the Cadastre office.
• Registration certificate where all the people who live with the interested party appear.
• Work Life Report issued by the Social Security Treasury.

► Economic documentation, depending on the circumstances of the interested party:

■ Workers employed by others:

• Photocopy of the last four pay slips or company certificate stating the gross annual salary.

■ Free-lancers:

• Photocopy of the latest quarterly income tax returns and annual summary.

■ Unemployed:

• Certificate issued by the National Employment Institute stating the period of unemployment and the amount of benefits or subsidies received.


• Certificate issued by the public or private body that pays the pension, stating the amount.

Optionally, the applicant can sign a form consent to authorize the bar associations and the Community of Madrid to directly collect information from the different public administrations. In this case, you would only have to provide the documentation to which they did not have access, that is: photocopy of ID, Passport or Residence Card, photocopy of the Family Book, registration certificate and the corresponding economic documentation depending on the circumstances of the interested.



• In the Legal Guidance Services
• At court of the applicant's address

The Free Legal Assistance Commission of the Community of Madrid allows citizens who request free justice through the Madrid Bar Association to find out the meaning of the resolution of their file by receiving an SMS.

For this, it is necessary to give your consent in the form that the Madrid Bar Association has enabled for this purpose.
The SMS received will be for informational purposes only, having to wait for the notification of the resolution for it to produce legal effects.