This axis includes the contents, information and services that could previously be consulted in the Employment and Entrepreneur Portals of the Community of Madrid, revised and updated.


Job Fair 2023
XIV Employment Fair for people with disabilities in the Community of Madrid
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New Employment App available for Android
training bonus
Voucher training driving license C, D, C + E
monthly calendar
Prior appointment Employment Offices
Employment office through a screen
Your Virtual Employment Office


Space to request registration as a job seeker, carry out procedures on the demand and access personalized employment services

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incentive calculator
A group of people
Grants and Incentives for Employment
home worker
Implementation of teleworking in companies:

Grants of up to 75% of the costs of purchasing equipment with a maximum of €2.500 per company

Public employment

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Public employment

Labor Relations

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Employment Regulation Files
Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service (SMAC)
SMAC Space

Informative videos. Conciliation prior to claims of a labor nature

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Subcontracting in Construction. Register of Accredited Companies (REA)

Informative Video. Registration and Renewal in the Registry of Accredited Companies (REA)

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CSR - Company - Occupational Risk Prevention

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VI edition Recognitions and mentions in PRL
Protection of Occupational Hazards
Prevention of occupational hazards
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Registration of employment contracts
Entrepreneurs and self-employed persons
Entrepreneurs and self-employed persons


Course Finder
Course Finder

Funding and grants

Statistics, studies and reports

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Competitive analysis - Community of Madrid

More contents of the topic Employment

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Companies with more than 50 people on the workforce, required that 2% be people with disabilities.

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Transversal policy that affects the governance of companies and organizations.

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Actions to promote employment aimed at people with special difficulties of insertion.

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They integrate people in a situation of social exclusion as a transition to ordinary employment.

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Protected employment companies that promote the labor integration of people with disabilities.

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It offers workers adequate training for the needs of the labor market.

VI Master Plan PRL

Choose your destiny, choose security. VI Master Plan for Prevention of Occupational Risks of the Community of Madrid 2021-2024

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It must always be communicated to the Labor Authority, whatever the activity that is carried out.