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Registration of cooperatives

Competent public registry regarding cooperatives with territorial scope in the Community of Madrid.

Law 2/2023, of February 24, of Cooperatives of the Community of Madrid has entered into force on April 28, 2023. In accordance with the First Transitory Provision of the same, to the procedures regarding cooperatives already initiated Before the entry into force of the new Law, Law 4/1999, of March 30, will be applied to them, until they adapt to the new norm (Second Transitory Provision).

The functions of the Registry of Cooperatives include the qualification and registration, the issuance of negative certifications of the name of the cooperatives that intend to be established, the legalization of the obligatory books that the registered cooperatives must keep, and the deposit of the annual accounts. It also performs the other functions attributed to it by the regulations governing cooperatives.

Registry publicity is made effective through the display of the data contained in the books and documents of the file to which the registry entries refer, by means of a simple informative note, certification or copy of the entries and documents deposited.