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Studies and analysis of the labor market

Analysis of employment in Madrid, with experts, trends, projections, surveys and evaluations

These are in-depth studies of the labor market in the Community of Madrid, its current state, its future development, examining the situation of the different groups, of the economic sectors, and evaluating active employment policies, all to adequate decision-making in employment matters.

Trends and projections of the Labor Market

Studies on the labor market of various groups

Studies on the self-employed labor market

The European Social Fund invests in your future

combined logos of the European Union and Community of MadridThe European Union, through the European Social Fund, helps to finance most of these studies, with a co-financing rate of 50 percent, within the framework of the Operational Program 2014-2020, from the European Social Fund of the Community of Madrid , Priority Axis 8A Technical Assistance, Specific Objective 2: “Carry out quality studies and evaluations to measure the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the Operational Program”, in order to have quality evaluations and studies, in relation to the different topics addressed in the Operational Program, that allow determining the validity and the results achieved, and where appropriate, help make decisions that are necessary for the maintenance or modification of the actions to be carried out."

You can consult information on the projects and programs co-financed by the European funds in the Community of Madrid and on the website of the European Union on regional policies.