Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service (SMAC)

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Conciliation prior to claims of a labor nature.

The Prior Conciliation in the SMAC is imposed by the Regulatory Law of the Social Jurisdiction and seeks to reach an agreement between employers and workers in the face of labor claims, in order to avoid litigation, always as a prerequisite to the judicial procedure. 

The issues that must be submitted to prior administrative conciliation, before the SMAC, are those related to the employment contract signed between private employers (including public companies in the form of a Limited Company) and workers related to:

  • dismissal,
  • disciplinary sanctions,
  • claims of amount and recognition of rights in general,
  • professional ranking,
  • contract resolutions at the request of the worker,
  • collective conflicts

How to obtain the Certificate of Completion Procedure SMAC

1.- If the conciliation ballot has been submitted through the SMAC VIRTUAL OFFICE, You can download the certificate there after 30 business days from the presentation, at the following link Identifying yourself in the system with the same digital certificate with which the ballot was presented, and clicking on the "File History" tab

2.- If the conciliation ballot has been presented in person at the Registry offices of the General Directorate of Labor, in Any other face-to-face registration, by administrative mail or by other electronic registrations other than the Virtual Office may request the certificate after 30 working days from the presentation in the SMAC REPRESENTATIONS department in c) Princesa 5.

3.- If the conciliation ballot has been submitted before June 29, 2021 You can download the certificate at the following links:

Download the certificates of completion of the SMAC procedure
Download the certificate of the aforementioned acts and not celebrated on the date set due to the State of alarm