Image of a leather worker working in the workshop

labor enclaves

Temporary posting of CEE workers to an ordinary company in compliance with specific requirements.

An "employment enclave" consists of the temporary displacement (to work in a work center of another company), of people with disabilities who are hired by a Special Employment Center (EEC), adhering to specific characteristics and requirements.

The labor enclaves materialize through a contract celebrated between a ordinary market company of work (collaborating company) y un Special Employment Center (EEC) , for the performance of a work or service that is directly related to the normal activity of the ordinary company. With this commercial relationship between an ordinary company and a Special Employment Center, the creation of employment for people with disabilities and their possible incorporation into the open market is promoted, as well as the development of a productive activity by a professional team from a Special Employment Center or CEE in the facilities of another company.

Although the work is carried out in the collaborating company, the workers with disabilities who make up the enclave, will maintain the labor relationship (of a special nature) with their Special Employment Center, during the validity of the same.