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Create a cooperative

Relevant information for people interested in the creation and constitution of a cooperative.

The cooperative is a society made up of people, both natural and legal, who join together voluntarily to satisfy common economic and social needs and aspirations, through a jointly owned and democratically managed company. Any legal economic and social activity may be organized and developed through a cooperative established under Law 2/2023, of February 24, on Cooperatives of the Community of Madrid. It acquires legal personality with the registration of its constitution in the competent register of cooperatives depending on the area in which its members mainly carry out its cooperative activity. If that area is the Community of Madrid, the competent register is the regional one.

Model statutes for cooperatives

To facilitate the preparation of the company's statutes, choose the model based on the type of cooperative to be established. The explanatory notes that accompany each model must be taken into account and the text of the model statutes must not be modified, except in the articles indicated at the beginning of each document.

The Registry of Cooperatives is carrying out updates to the model statutes to adapt them to the new regulations. Until this task is completed, you will be able to continue consulting the structure of the articles, but not their content, of the models of the previous standard (Law 4/1999, of March 30, on Cooperatives of the Community of Madrid).