Educational-training transition

Compulsory Secondary Education in the Region of Madrid

Compulsory Secondary Education is a compulsory and free stage.

It will be completed, in general, between twelve and sixteen years of age. It constitutes, together with Primary Education and the basic grade training cycles, basic education. It comprises four courses and is organized into subjects and areas.



Compulsory Secondary Education will have the purpose of ensuring that students acquire the basic elements of culture, especially in its humanistic, artistic, scientific-technological and motor aspects; develop and consolidate in them study and work habits, as well as healthy lifestyle habits, preparing them for their incorporation into subsequent studies and for their labor insertion and training them to exercise their rights and duties as citizens.



The stage of Compulsory Secondary Education is an educational stage that includes four academic years, which will ordinarily be studied between twelve and sixteen years of age.



The Compulsory Secondary Education stage is organized in a common way for the first three years, and the subjects can be grouped into areas for the first two years. 

The fourth course will be of a guiding nature, both for post-compulsory studies and for incorporation into working life. The centers will offer the subjects grouped into five options. Mathematics A or Mathematics B will be taken, depending on the choice of each student and the option chosen.

The centers may teach, with prior authorization, part of the curriculum in foreign languages, with the exception of Latin, Spanish Language and Literature, Mathematics and Second Foreign Language.

As a consequence of the implementation calendar of the LOMLOE, in the current academic year 2022-2023 modifications are introduced in the curriculum, the organization and objectives of the 1st and 3rd years of Compulsory Secondary Education.

During the 2022-2023 school year, the current organizational structure of 2nd and 4th ESO remains in force.

Attention to individual differences

The centers will adopt the necessary measures to respond to the specific educational needs of their students, taking into account their different rhythms and learning styles, so that they can achieve the maximum development of their abilities,

These measures, which will form part of the educational project of the centers and will be specified each year in the annual general programming, will be aimed at allowing all students to develop skills and achieve the objectives of Compulsory Secondary Education. that in no case may they constitute discrimination that prevents those who benefit from them from obtaining the corresponding degree.

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