Primary Education in the Community of Madrid

Primary Education is a compulsory and free stage.

Primary Education is part of basic education and, therefore, is compulsory and free. Students will ordinarily join the first year of Primary Education in the calendar year in which they turn six. The school day It is usually distributed in morning and afternoon sessions. Almost all of the centers offer school canteen and extended opening hours. 



The purpose of Primary Education is to provide students with the learning of oral expression and comprehension, reading, writing, calculation, logical and mathematical skills, the acquisition of basic notions of culture, and the habit of coexistence as well as those of study and work, the artistic sense, creativity and affectivity, in order to guarantee a comprehensive education that contributes to the full development of their personality and to prepare them to take advantage of Compulsory Secondary Education. 



The Primary Education stage comprises six academic years that are organized into three cycles. The learning areas have a global and integrating character. The educational action will seek the integration of the different experiences and learning of the students with a global vision and adapted to the rhythms of work.