Labor insertion: First job

The Baccalaureate in the Community of Madrid

Information regarding the Baccalaureate stage in the Community of Madrid.

At. Diversity: Specificities and characteristics

Attention to diversity. Characteristics
Attention to diversity

Students who require different care than ordinary  and in order for them to achieve the objectives established for the stage and acquire the corresponding competencies, the conditions of accessibility and universal design will be established, the support resources that favor access to the curriculum for students with special educational needs and will adapt the instruments and, where appropriate, the times and supports that ensure a correct evaluation of these students. All measures will be governed by the principles of normalization and inclusion.

Educational support measures will be established for the students with specific learning difficulties. In particular, flexibility measures and methodological alternatives in the teaching and evaluation of the foreign language will be established for these students. These adaptations will in no case be taken into account to lower the qualifications obtained.

 The schooling of students with high intellectual abilities, identified as such according to the procedure and in the terms determined by the head of the Ministry with competences in the field of Education, it may be made more flexible in accordance with current regulations.

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