Top Women

Top Women in Sports

Women's Sport Institute, 20minutos and have launched the "TOP WOMEN IN SPORTS" project, a ranking with which they want to make an annual recognition of the talent of women in the world of sports. The Directorate General for Equality of the Community of Madrid has sponsored this first ranking of women in the world of women's sports.

This initiative arises with the desire to increase the visibility of women in this field but wants to do it in a very extensive way, including not only the strictly sports aspect but also other activities related to this world, encompassing: athletes, managers, technical bodies and personnel dedicated to the media.

The project consists of drawing up a ranking of the 50 most outstanding women in the professional field of sports, awarding the top six talent recognition in the following categories: sporting career; revelation athlete; Paralympic athlete; directive; coaching staff and sports journalist. 

Objectives and mechanics

  • Identify talents and values ​​and enhance with them the mirror effect in future generations.
  • Promote the professionalization of management in the female field of sport.
  • Create new projects for interaction between institutions, brands and athletes.
  • Expand the dissemination and visibility, and the conversations of the different federations, leagues, championships and athletes.
  • Each federation, organization or athlete submits its candidacy to the Women`s Sports Institute. On the other hand, the jury also proposes up to a maximum of 10 candidates.
  • Closed the period of presentation of candidacies, a jury of experts chooses those who consider that they are worthy of being present in the Top Women in Sports.
  • Holding a prize-giving event in which all the winners will be announced.