In this section you will find information on consumer issues. The protection and rights that protect you as a consumer when you buy a product or hire a service with a company. 

Telephone portability

Tips for changing your telephone or internet company. Telephone portability.

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The issues that most concern consumers.

bus regulations

In order to enjoy a taxi service with the maximum guarantees, it is convenient for the consumer to know their rights when traveling in one of these vehicles

bus transport

Consumer rights when traveling by bus

disinfestation campaign

The continuous presence of rodents or insects in our home or office is an adverse situation that we must face. In the following report from the Consumer Portal, you...

consumptionpolis contest

One more year, the Community of Madrid, through the General Directorate of Commerce, Consumption and Services, organizes the regional phase of this contest, which on this occasion has the motto "Join the...

University Students

Student loans are products offered by some banking entities to facilitate the completion of higher education for those who have financial difficulties to undertake them. In...


As of June 20, 2025, smart mobile phones and tablets sold in European Union countries must be accompanied by an energy label. In it...