Gas faq

The frequently asked questions that consumers consult the most.



The reading of the gas meters must be done by the distribution company, which subsequently passes them on to the retailer, which is the one who issues the invoice.

Reading can be done monthly or bimonthly.

If you are in the regulated market, they must bill you monthly or bimonthly and based on the reading of your metering equipment. If it has not been possible to read your meter, the company may invoice you based on estimated readings, but they must make an annual regularization with a real reading.

To avoid cost overruns on the bill, we recommend that you always keep your actual reading. Remember that the invoices must indicate the procedure you must follow to send your meter reading.

If your gas contract is from the free market, the billing frequency will be established therein.

A company has come to my home to inspect or review the gas installation, without notifying me beforehand. What should I do?​


If the company claims to be our gas distributor, it should have notified us before going to the address, with at least five days in advance, informing the user of the dispatch of an inspector to review the installation. If in doubt, call your distribution company and ask.

In the case of bottled or bulk gas, the company will notify users of the date in which they must carry out, contracting an authorized installation company on their own, the review.

Therefore, if this communication is not received informing of the visit, it is recommended that you do not let anyone in.