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sonajero pingüino
Brand: mr po
Risk: Choking, as small pieces come off that the child can swallow
pacifier chain
Brand: Lollipops More
Risk: De asfixia, ya que el fijador no lleva los orificios de ventilación obligatorios
magnetic target
Brand: Mile
Risk: From gastrointestinal injuries, since the tip of the darts are small pieces that can be swallowed and have a magnetic flux higher than permitted
giraffe rattle
Brand: MR P.O.
Risk: Choking, as small pieces come off that the child can swallow

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Report on the inspections carried out by the General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption of the Community of Madrid

To consult the data on the inspections and sanctioning procedures carried out in 2022, you can download the Document type iconnext document here 

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Safety and Inspection - Inspection campaigns

From the General Directorate of Commerce, Consumption and Services, inspection campaigns for products and services are periodically carried out.