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Gyms and sports centers: get in shape with guarantees

Gyms in the Community of Madrid must respect a series of rules when providing service to their clients.

In the following report we explain and remember the rights that, as consumers, they have in these establishments and the most relevant sanitary and hygienic measures.


Rights of users when visiting a gym


As a user of a gym you have a number of rights, so keep in mind that:

  • Es it is advisable to read carefully the general conditions of the contract before signing it and check that there is no clause that could be considered abusive such as those that contemplate price increases, change of schedule or suppression of activities unilaterally by the gym and without prior notice.
  • Before signing the contract, find out how and when it is possible to unsubscribe. Also pay attention to the form of payment and value the convenience of choosing monthly payments versus payments in advance (quarterly, annual payments) in the event of a possible closure of the center without prior notice.
  • demand a copy of the invoice for the payment of the services you have contracted or a copy of the purchase receipt for the products you have purchased in the gym.
  • It is advisable to be well informed about how the permanence fee that many gyms include as a requirement to benefit from lower prices. In this sense, the contract must clearly indicate what said quota is and the penalty for not complying with it.
  • It is important to have a previous medical examination to know what physical conditions and fitness you are in and prepare an exercise table according to said condition.



If you want to file a claim, you can do so through your Municipal Consumer Information Office closest, in General Directorate of Commerce, Consumption and Services or Traves de Internet. You can check other ways to make a claim at the following link.